Why Laminate

Explore the endless possibilities with our laminate flooring at the Carpet Castle. With a rapidly expanding selection of wood, stone, and ceramic patterns you can get the style you are looking for. Laminate is very durable, easy to install and does not discolour or fade from direct sunlight making it one of the most popular flooring in the world.

Before purchasing laminate you need to answer the following questions:

  • Does it match your lifestyle?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Will it have heavy or light traffic?
  • How long will laminate last?

With eco-friendly laminate choices you can feel good knowing you are purchasing a product that has been manufactured with low-emissions without pesticides and without damaging heavy metals. Laminate flooring is also naturally resistant to the growth of mold and bacteria. It can also be treated with special allergen resistant and anti-bacterial coatings to make them even safer.

Laminates are tough and durable but you need to pick the right laminate for the job. If you’re laying a floor in an office exposed to lots of foot traffic or office chairs you’ll need to pick a laminate that can deal with that. The team at Carpet Castle offers the latest and most innovative laminate that will match your needs.

Care and Maintenance

Carpet Castle offers several products to care for your laminate flooring. We suggest using felt pads for all chair and table legs vacuuming the floor regularly  and not using any harsh chemicals  abrasives  wax or polish.

For further laminate care and maintenance, Kraus Floors provides helpful how-to’s.


Sweep, dust, and vacuum your laminate floors on a regular basis – once or twice a week. Use a broom with soft bristles and/or a vacuum with the hard floor
attachment only.

Spots & Spills

Clean and remove spills as soon as they happen as excess water can damage the surface and seep into the seams of the flooring. Use a damp cloth to blot the spill, and then dry the surface thoroughly.

Professional Cleaning

Your laminate flooring should be cleaned periodically with a professional laminate floor cleaning product recommended by a laminate flooring professional.